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Denim first emerged from the mines of California as a symbol of the rugged Western workman. However, the transformative 20th century helped denim shed its laborious roots and evolve into an emblem of cool, an assertion of identity. During the Civil Rights Movement, denim became the uniform of resilience, resistance, and unity. The blue fabric bore witness as Black Americans marched for their rights, symbolizing the universal fight for equality.

In the ensuing decades, the resonance of denim in Black culture only deepened. The hip-hop movement of the ’80s and ’90s thrust denim into the global spotlight, harnessing its versatile, rebellious spirit to redefine the essence of style. Denim was not just fabric; it became an assertion of identity, a tangible expression of music, lyricism, and rebellion against a system that sought to suppress voices.

From high-waisted baggy jeans to patchworked denim jackets, every stitch, rip, and fade began to hold significance. The flamboyant denim ensembles of icons like LL Cool J and Salt-N-Pepa began to challenge societal norms around masculinity and femininity.

These editorial images reimagine denim for the next 50 years, incorporating up cycled and sustainable materials such as recycled cotton, organic hemp, & recycled plastic.

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