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Bold prints might not be everyone’s first choice, but Spring/Summer 2024 offers pattern trends that even the most minimalist dressers can appreciate.

Prints bring a unique depth to apparel; whether it’s a timeless heritage check or a vibrant painterly floral, they often distinguish an outfit with a standout touch.

The Spring/Summer 2024 runways celebrated patterns in all their diverse glory, with certain styles emerging as clear favorites. This season invites you to play with these trends in your own way: go bold with head-to-toe print ensembles, add a subtle hint with printed accessories, or choose a single standout piece to embrace the trend on your terms.

Even those who typically shy away from prints might be intrigued to see what’s trending—it’s always exciting to discover what’s “in.”

Looking ahead, expect to see everything from dramatic floral designs that command attention to a resurgence of classic motifs that echo the elegance of yesteryears.

Linear Impressions

Dive into the dynamic world of linear graphic fashion prints, where bold vertical stripes converge with intricate hatchings and fluid linear waves merge seamlessly with whimsical doodles.

This trend embraces the precision of straight, geometric forms and the organic flow of bending contours.

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